Subject Problem using FreeUDFLib
Author Andrei Luís

I'm using FB 1.5.2 + Win XP Pro + D4 Pro / D2006 Pro

I downloaded FreeUDFLib from IBPhoenix, but I'm having problem on
trying to use it.

I do the following:

- Copy FreeUDFLib.dll to %Firebird_Install_Dir%\UDF (there already are
fbudf.dll and ib_udf.dll)

- Run the following declaration in IBExpert, with a database opened:
declare external function f_AgeInMonths
date, date
integer by value
entry_point 'AgeInMonths' module_name 'FreeUDFLib';

- Commit

- And, there is it on UDF List.


But, when I run this sql in IBExpert I got an error message:

select f_ageinmonths(data_aprovado, current_date) from propostas

Invalid token.
invalid request BLR at offset 60.
function F_AGEINMONTHS is not defined.
module name or entrypoint could not be found.

I tried to declare several udf from FreeUDFLib, and got allways the
same erro on using them.

For testing, I declared some function from fbudf and ib_udf, and they
worked perfect.

I already stop/start the server, turn off/on the computer and nothing works.

Something I feel strange: FreeUDFLib.dll that is in is
dated 08/06/1998, is that correct? I think it is too much old, hu?
Besides, I opened the source and build the dll again in Delphi 4 Pro,
copy the dll to %Firebird_Install_Dir%\UDF but nothing changes.

So, does anybody have a clue what is going on?

I hope I was clear, english is not my 'mother language'.