Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Money data type
Author t.s.
>> What might the syntax look like to create the domain mentioned?
> create domain money as numeric(18,2)
> plus any constraints you want to add.
As i understood it, if you want 2 decimal digits precision, you should
store the data as 4 decimal digits (i.e. numeric(18,4)), and that's what
i've been using as 'money' data type for the last couple of years. In my
country's hyper-inflated currency, the argument is rather moot since 2
decimal digits should be plenty most of the time, but i'm keeping it
"just in case".

Seeing the numeric(18,2) suggestion got me thinking though. Will it be
precise enough to handle monetary calculations in US$ values, for
example? It would be great to be able to use (18,2) instead of (18,4)
because of the extra headroom.

Thanks in advance,