Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Classic memory use
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:13 AM 22/05/2006, Robert Gilland wrote:

>We are using Firebird Classic v2

You are beta testing. If you expect an answer, write a proper
problem description and post it to firebird-devel. Please read the
General Notes section of the release notes.

>but we are finding that it chews up the memory very quickly.

Include crucial details like:

Which version of the Fb 2 beta you have installed
OS Platform
Database page size
Cache size
What version of the client library is used by the remote clients
Hardware configuration of the server (esp. RAM available)
If you are on Windows, whether you have Guardian running
Any non-standard settings in firebird.conf
Some actual statistics
Whether all Classic processes are over-stressing RAM, or just a few
that are doing particular tasks (describe these tasks)

>In an office of 50 users this is just not viable.
>Is there an alternative?

No way to tell with current information.
Please read this: