Subject Re: Firebird Classic memory use
Author Adam
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<robert_gilland@...> wrote:
> We are using Firebird Classic v2
> but we are finding that it chews up the memory very quickly.
> In an office of 50 users this is just not viable.
> Is there an alternative?


What do you mean by chews up? Do you mean that it requires more RAM
than the server can allocate it, or do you mean that it leaks? Are you
reporting a bug specific to v2 (if so wrong group), or is it also the
case on 1.5?

On the server I am looking at right now uses the 'default' settings,
each fb_inet_server process consumes between 2MB and 15 MB, averaging
about 7.5MB. It is of course dependent on the software and what it is
doing. It normally serves between 10 and 30 connections and has about
1.5GB left to play with after the OS and other software is running.

You can't have your cake and eat it. You can try reducing some of the
buffers to see if that helps. If you have played with the defaults,
you may have unintentionally shot yourself in the foot, caches cease
to be useful once the process(es) jump into VM (in fact it is worse
than simply not useful)

You need to give much more background if you want specific solutions.
How much memory are you guaranteeing Firebird has to work with? How
much is it using (in total)? Are there other services that could be
competing for this memory that is causing your problems.