Subject Subject List Threads?
Author Richard Thomas
Hi Set:
You Wrote:
By the way, you should start a new thread rather than replying to an old
one when you're questions isn't related to the original thread. The odds
are that if you reply to an old mail, those of us who use threading
don't see your mail if we were not interested in the original topic, and
in addition it muddles up our threading. Probably a bit similar to the
way using two columns can make reading more complicated for blind persons.
OK, I did use the Reply To Message but changed the Subject Line. I'm not sure what you mean by thread other than the Subject Line in an E-Mail message. For this message I used the Create New Message and used my Contacts List in Outlook Express. Is this better? If not, let me know what steps I can take to make the thread appropriate to what you pros use.
Rick USA

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