Subject Re: Firebird stops accepting connections after heavy load for 2-10 hours
Author Stan

we are using explicit transactions:

Read transactions are opened:

Write transactions are pened:

both kinds are commited, writes are rolled back and retried on failure
(my logs show only infrequent retries due to deadlocks).

how can the php version affect the Firebird Server running on a
separate machine? I am using the correct gds32.dll, thats the
only piece that communicates to the Firebird Server.

PS. running a windows web server not by choice.

Note: windows version of firebird 1.5.3 SS does not exhibit this
particular issue, but it throws BUGCHECK 290's under similar
load conditions.



--- In, Milan Babuskov <milanb@...>
> Stan wrote:
> > this is not a "web-page", it is a very "write-heavy" application
> > where clients connect to the webserver and upload data. Each
> > client goes through about 1000 - 2000 inserts ( in one transaction.
> > These are done in stored procedures, which first check if the data
> > already exists, and inserts if not)
> >
> > we are running PHP 5.1.2 in CGI mode because we observe instability
> > when running PHP as a module, I am going to try FastCGI at some
> > point; I heard that it was fixed under windows in PHP 5.1.2.
> >
> > So no, we are not using persistent database connections becuase
> > we are running PHP in cgi mode.
> >
> > any other ideas?
> Are you using explicit or implicit transactions?
> Do you explicitly close transactions/connection on .php scripts end
> ibase_close() ?
> Are there any chances to try PHP 4.x series?
> P.S. Running a web server on Windows doesn't seem like very good
idea to me in
> the first place, but suit yourself.
> --
> Milan Babuskov