Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird stops accepting connections after heavy load for 2-10 hours
Author Milan Babuskov
Stan wrote:
> this is not a "web-page", it is a very "write-heavy" application
> where clients connect to the webserver and upload data. Each
> client goes through about 1000 - 2000 inserts ( in one transaction.
> These are done in stored procedures, which first check if the data
> already exists, and inserts if not)
> we are running PHP 5.1.2 in CGI mode because we observe instability
> when running PHP as a module, I am going to try FastCGI at some
> point; I heard that it was fixed under windows in PHP 5.1.2.
> So no, we are not using persistent database connections becuase
> we are running PHP in cgi mode.
> any other ideas?

Are you using explicit or implicit transactions?
Do you explicitly close transactions/connection on .php scripts end using
ibase_close() ?

Are there any chances to try PHP 4.x series?

P.S. Running a web server on Windows doesn't seem like very good idea to me in
the first place, but suit yourself.

Milan Babuskov