Subject Re: [firebird-support] CreateDatabase Character Set for testing
Author Richard Thomas
Hi Stefan:
You wrote:
for normal English applications you can use ISO8859_1 or WIN1252.
You can get more info about character sets here
Thanks Stefan:
I read it. Still a little confused.
From the Write-Up:
You don't care much about character set issues? And you work for one
platform anyway?
Choose the appropriate ISOxxx character set.
It will store everything correctly (you don't care about typographic
dashes, do
you ;-) -- and you have the best selection of collations.
The Unicode situation will dramatically improve with Firebird 2.0. The old
Does the lack of containing typographic information impact the stored data?
For example, if there is a negative number ie. -27.54 in a varchar field,
perhaps a document of some sort, would the dash be carried on the DataBase
but not used for anything?
Also, if a field is defined as a flavor of numeric, integer, float, decimal
etc... does the use of isoxxx, winxxx etc... not impact the storage,
sorting, FB use of and conversion of the data?
If I read it correctly the CHARACTER SET designation is for character
fields, conversions and comparisons only, sound right?
Last, Is the new FB use of Unicode going to be the wave of the future?
Thanks Rick. Farmington Mich. USA