Subject Re: [firebird-support] CreateDatabase Character Set for testing
Author Stefan Heymann

for normal English applications you can use ISO8859_1 or WIN1252.
You can get more info about character sets here

At the bottom there is also a section "Which one to choose?".

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> Hi:
> To create a new, one table and very simple test data base, should I specify
> anything in the character set parm?
> Unless there is some reason, i don't understand much yet, I just want to do
> the same as the EMPLOYEE.FDB as it worked with a simple query from my
> Liberty Basic / ODBC application.
> It seems the EMPLOYEE.FDB just did not declare a character set:
> In the output From the extracted metadata using ISQL with -ex:
> Thanks for any comments:
> Rick USA

Stefan Heymann