Subject Re: Slow connection to database / maybe need a middleware
Author Adam
> Hello!
> Basically all you have written is OK. The query is very simple
> (select * from table1) in order to test only the transfer rate.
> I do use Zebedee in real life, and gain 20-25%. But even so
> negotiating query opening takes too long time.
> The really good solution sounds to be Terminal Services (there are
> other reasons for that approach too). This is a bit off topic, but
> could you please point to some resources where I could learn more
> about this approach?

Well you will need to google for information about setting up Terminal
Services on a Win2003 server etc, it is pretty straight forward. The
Firebird installer works fine out of the box, although at one stage
the control panel applet didn't work. (Just use the services mmc). We
are running SS on most of our servers, but have switched to Classic on
1 (soon to be 2) machines. Classic is a better choice when you have
many different databases on the same machine or you have multiple CPUs
to play with. (Ideally your database is on a different server behind
your firewall with no exposure to the outside world at all. Users
simply remote desktop into a session on the TS server. You can set
their profile to use your program as their environment which launches
when they log in and when they exit your program it logs out. You need
to consider CALS (which are not free). You may wan't to consider the
security issues raised here which are not strictly about TS, but there
are a few paragraphs that explain some of the potential attack vectors
I have thought of so far.
You will need to use the TCP loopback as a local connection will not work.

Given that it is quite off topic though, if you have any specific
questions, you can email me.