Subject Re: Slow connection to database / maybe need a middleware
Author balanyi_zsolt
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> > Hello!
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> > We use ZeosLib to connect to FB 1.5 server over the Internet, and
> > the following problem:
> > When we open a query, it really takes long time. After the query is
> > opened, 10.000 records (consisting of five integers) are
> transported in
> > 1-2 seconds. As we have many tables, operations like refresh or
> > scrolling with master/client datasets take long time because the
> queries
> > are closed and opened again all over. Is there a way to speed up this
> > procedure, or maybe I should use another database access component? I
> > was also thinking in using middleware on the server, but I do not
> > if that would help...
> Hello Zsolt,
> Do some math first.
> 10000 records * 5 fields * 4 bytes per field ~ 200KB
> Of course on top of that, you have the fact that the over the wire
> protocol Firebird uses is quite inefficient. You have made no comment
> about the query that returns 10000 records. Is it a simple select from
> a single table that has a perfect index to use, or is it some horrible
> query without a chance of running quickly.
> There are some minor things you can try. Create a secure compressed
> tunnel using Zebedee, which uses Stream compression. This may assist
> the transfer speed to make it acceptable.
> From your client application, you could create a delay on your master
> scroll before the detail records are queried. For example, if the
> cursor is on the record for 200ms, you could issue the request for the
> detail records. This would allow very quick scrolling because the
> request for detail records would never be sent until you stopped
> moving, but as soon as they hit the record they want, the detail
> records would be hit nearly immediately.
> Aside from those two though, your problem is more conceptual. You have
> an application clearly designed to run on a LAN, and as you are
> discovering, the internet is slow (and often unreliable). If your
> application requirement says that it must run in a slow network, then
> your design must allow for this.
> Another option is to use Terminal Services to deliver it to the remote
> clients. This will allow you to keep your application in the
> traditional client-server design and have quite acceptable performance
> even on slow dialup connections.
> Adam


Basically all you have written is OK. The query is very simple
(select * from table1) in order to test only the transfer rate.
I do use Zebedee in real life, and gain 20-25%. But even so
negotiating query opening takes too long time.
The really good solution sounds to be Terminal Services (there are
other reasons for that approach too). This is a bit off topic, but
could you please point to some resources where I could learn more
about this approach?