Subject Re: Does Firebird 2.0 support mixed case in field names?
Author Adam
--- In, Frank Schlottmann-Goedde
<fsg@...> wrote:
> Mario Lacunza schrieb:
> > Sure?? I use Ubuntu and Flamerobin to create DB and tables, I use
Dialect 3
> > , Characterset= None and if:
> >
> > CREATE "table1"
> >
> > the treeview shows:
> >
> > table1
> >
> > but when I try to use in a select statement (with
Python+KinterbasDb) the query resultset is wrong, no Table name exist.....
> >
> If you create "table1" you will need to
> select * from "table1";
> mind the double quotes;
> (never really understood why anyone could want to do sth. like that :-)

I agree Frank, unless you are a sadist or something. I can't imagine a
case where you would want an Employee table and a different table
called employee.

What I actually would like is the option to define a table as
EmployeeContact, and connection components and database tools report
the table exactly as declared, but if someone wants to do select *
from EMPLoyeEConTACT, then let them.

For the original poster, in dialect 3 databases, by default tablenames
are case insensitive. If you place quotes around them, then they
become case sensitive, but you also need to quote when you use it in a
DDL or DML statement.