Subject milliseconds are not stored in the timestamp (KInterbasDB + Firebird)
Author Petr Jakes
I am trying to insert "timestamp" to the Firebird database using
standard library datetime module example given in the "KInterbasDB
Usage Guide" , section "Example Programs

Even timestamp has the correct format before inserting to the database
(2006-26-2 17:25:34.940279 for example), milliseconds are not stored
and the database returns (2006,26,2,17,25,34). I have made some
Googling the whole afternoon to find if it is possible to configure
Firebird or KInterbasDB, but no success.

My environment: Fedora Core4, Firebird CS 1.5 (Dialect 3), Python 2.4.1,
KInterbasDB 3.2b1

Thanks for your advices.
Petr Jakes