Subject Re: [firebird-support] BDE Question
Author Aage Johansen
Leslie Milburn wrote:
> Can someone point me to some documentation explaining concisely the concerns
> some people have with using the BDE to access a firebird database.

I wouldn't be quite as negative as Adam and Helen. Paradox was very
useful and on local databases it could be very fast. However, BDE+IB
had too many/big problemes (even if the BDE also had some smarts built in).
My main negative points towards the BDE:
* Development on the BDE SQLlinks library stopped years ago.
* Compatibility with Firebird will never be great.
* The BDE SQLlinks library support only "common" features of databases.
* Installing/maintaining the BDE on the clients was a chore (at best).
And, you may well face real problems if you choose to develop for
BDE+Firebird (or BDE + any other C/S database). My personal
end-of-BDE came after I had (next to) unsurmountable problems with
long processes that were grinding to a halt. It was a great relief
to see that moving to IBO was quite easy - and solved the problems.

Aage J.