Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Waiting for Vulcan from version 1.5
Author Leyne, Sean

> > You are not alone in waiting on Vulcan :)
> > FB2 broke so many applications and tools (IBObjects TDataset ... it
> > will take long time to make it stable again) that we will probably
> > skip it or wait for 2.1.
> If you are talking about strict table aliases, i doubt some future
> version of fb or vulcan will help you.

Very true! The road only goes forward, hardly ever backwards...

With very few exceptions, the SQL parser will only be getting stricter
(more SQL Standard compliant).

Our application uses IBO and we had no problems moving to v2.0.

> I am a FB user, and i'm very happy with FB 2.0 stability (you are
> probably talking about application stability). All my customers are
> using it with any problem so far.

Further, some of the features (Derived Tables and new indexing ODS) make
v2.0 a must as they provided performance/functionality that is too great
to overlook!

Migrating to a higher version always involves some application/toolset
changes, whether we are talking about FB, IB, MSSQL or Oracle...