Subject Help on administrator privileges, prevention of database copying and opening
Author dpanidis
First of all many thanks for the many replies in my earlier question
regarding if the Firebird server, is 'aware' as to how many databases
it serves. The replies were that the server does not keep metadata
track about the various databases, and that it simply serves any
database file that it is ordered to. With that point understood, I
have another question. I'm about to deploy an application, with a
database which is created with a certain username and password. How am
I to prevent anybody to copy-paste the database file in another node
with another Firebird installation and open it with the default
sysdba/masterkey username-password? Is there a way that I can
safeguard my database design and (more importantly) data since it
contains payroll information? Is this assumption of mine correct? Does
the .fdb file contain internally the administrator's name and
password? Any help will be greatly appreciated,thanks in advance!