Subject Re: Update: CPU Pegged on Firebird v2
Author Adam
--- In, "slalom91" <slalom91@...> wrote:
> I'm open to any suggestions to make performance better or increase
> stability. Not claiming to be a pro here, just have to make my case to
> my company and keep them convinced Firebird is the way to go.

Well if you have restored with the use all space option, it means that
any update or delete operation is going to have to put the record
version on another page. Although your database will probably be
smaller, unless it is read only, modifications and hence garbage
collection will be much slower than if they are on the same page.

While asynchronous writes (forced writes off) is faster because you
don't need to hang around to see whether your write made it to disk,
you make yourself vulnerable to database corruption should the process
end without having a chance to flush writes to disk. I wouldn't
consider using it unless

1) You are doing a bulk load.


2) Your data is easily regenerated, so if you lose it it doesn't
really matter.

How large is the database? If it is not too large, and you can afford
a bit of downtime, a backup (with -g option) then restore will be the
fastest way to clean up the 'damage' done by the rogue transaction.