Subject Re: Update: CPU Pegged on Firebird v2
Author Adam
--- In, "Fabian Chocron"
<fabianch@...> wrote:
> It says "Windows Only" so why should I touch that?
> Fabian

I don't know. As Helen said, POSIX based SMP systems never used to
play ping pong with Superserver, but from your observations, it is
pretty clear that this is happenning in your environment.

That message may be one of two things - it is only implemented on
Windows because there has never been the need on any other OS, or it
is implemented on all OS, but it was only the Windows users that would
use it.

I do not have enough experience with POSIX based systems, but I know
in Windows (in 2003 Server anyway) you can also set the affinity
through task manager by right clicking. I imagine there is some way to
do this in your environment as well. Google may be your friend there.

That said, I have not seen process ping pong on any of the SMP Windows
2003 boxes I have used, so have never bothered to set it even on Windows.