Subject Update: CPU Pegged on Firebird v2
Author slalom91
I previously posted a message indicating my v2 Firebird installation
had maxed out my CPU on Windows DB Server. To which, Helen replied
and indicated she thought it may be a version issue with a mix of 1.5
and 2.0. After giving this a shot (uninstalling 1.5, deleting
install folder, and installing 2.0) I still ran in to the same issue.

My next step was to move from a remote protocol to a local protocol
by moving the database to the same server where the application that
are accessing the database reside. Still no luck. By the way, in
both these instances, local and remote, the OS was XP Pro.

My next try was to move the database back to the remote protocol
again and move to a different OS. I had a Windows 2003 machine that
I could use temporarily, so I gave this a try. Still same issue.

Finally, I decided it must have something to do with record locking,
etc. as my environment has several simulataneous users and is also a
multi-threaded environment. I submitted another post asking for
suggestions on transaction parameters to which Ann replied and
suggested that I use just concurrency and take the defaults for the
rest. Still no luck.

My final effort was to revert back to 1.5.3 by using the 1.5.3
gbak.exe on a v2 installation. I was able to successfully get back
to 1.5.3. Additionally, the DB server no longer locked up (Max CPU),
but I did begin receiving some of the following errors from my client
applications: "deadlock update conflicts with concurrent update."

I was not previously receiving these errors from my 1.5.3 server
before, but I also had different transaction parameters. One of
which was "wait."

I have to assume after all of this the following:
1. The default on 1.5.3 is "no wait."
2. v2 has a bug in reporting deadlock conflicts which causes the CPU
to max out on Windows platforms. I have no way of testing this on
linux, sorry.