Subject Multi-File DB and DatabaseAccess=None
Author hansolo2006

I have a firebird V2 installation for which, for security reasons, I
have set in firebird.conf : DatabaseAccess=NONE.

Now I want to add a new file to one of my databases.

I tried, with no luck, specifying a plain filename (without a path)
and also by using a fully qualified filename (with a path).

So, I shutdown the server, changed DatabaseAccess to FULL and
restarted the server.
Then I retried the above (with a fully qualified name). That worked fine.
Then I shutdown the server again, changed DatabaseAccess back to NONE
and restarted the server.

Now, i can't connect to the database.

How can I have a multi-file database and be secure at the same time?

Is there is something I do wrong or what?