Subject [firebird-support] "invalid request handle" in FB 2.0
Author Tiana Razafimbelo

Can anybody help?

I have upgraded from Interbase to firebird 2.0 and I am experiencing a lot
of intermittent problems:

- sometimes a query would not execute because the resultset is already
closed (but it works after going back to the page straight away)

- and most of all, some prepared statements or resultset closing return the
following error:

org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBSQLException: GDS Exception. 335544327. invalid
request handle

Please, please, please, can someone point to me to the right direction?? I
have no clue why those errors occur so I do not know how to prevent them.
Worst: they are actually intermittent, which means that most of the time, I
cannot neither experience nor replicate an issue. but the client cam..

Thank you for your thoughts.


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