Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB2 Integer overflow

Helen Borrie napisał(a):
> A common cause of this would be where you have defined a column of
> type Integer to hold a value produced from a generator, that you
> populate by a trigger. Generators are BigInt; so, when the generator
> reaches the number 2,147,483,648 it will overflow.

Adam napisał(a):
> My guess is that the field order is mixed. Have you tried to
> explicitly name each field in your statement.

I created a ATABLE_20060701 by extracting the metadata from original
table so I believe the structure is exactly the same as ATABLE and so
the order. When the order is mixed the statement fail just after
execution and in this case it's after hundreds of minutes.

The primary key is in fact integer (32bit) and is populated from
generator but it is far to reach the limit of 2^31. Any way, in source
and destination all table fields have the same types so it shouldn't be
a problem. (destination table have no triggers, only not nulls and
primary key).

I tried to copy a smaller bunch of data and it worked! I checked the
firebird log but no any unusual statements. Could it be a bug?

Thank you for suggestions. I will try to reproduce the problem in the
development environment and if I succeed I will write about results.

Best regards.,