Subject Issue: deadlock with Firebird and Delphi. ref/eDN7002040583
Author Dennis
Dear all

I have made this test: there is small application that on its start up
updates the same record (with the same keys). When I call this application
instantly several times, for instance 15 times in less than 1/10second, some
of these applications, about 4, occur the deadlock conflict error on non
wait transaction.

At first sight, this is logical because some of them didn't commit yet, so
there are deadlock really, the problem is that using the follow retry loop
these launches cannot post even if the record became unlocked, even if all
other application / launches are terminated!

The retry loop is like this:







If Dialog('retry?')=no then usercancel:=true;


End; // except

Until ok or usercancel.

If ok then commit;

Transaction settings:





lock conflict on no wait transaction


update conflicts with concurrent update

Note 1:

In case where some applications cannot post because of deadlock, if I call
again the application (one more time), the new launch it updates the
database with no error!!!

Note 2:

I produced the error by my own, leaving from other application the record
edited and uncommitted, the deadlock error occurred on tested application,
the loop worked as well, when I committed the transaction from the other
application, the loop posted the record and finally committed the
transaction, so the loop is working.

The fact is, an update with deadlock error, sometimes cannot be always
posted even if the record become unlocked from the other application. This
is not logical, where is the error?

Please share your thoughts.

Kind regards


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