Subject Re: [firebird-support] Listing Databases on the Server
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:22 AM 8/12/2006, you wrote:
>Hello folks
>Is there a way that I can find the paths of the databases within a
>server? Although this is not a Delphi forum, the TIBServerProperties
>component I use in order to retrieve Firebird databases, is not
>listing one of them. There is obviously something wrong, since an
>external administrator tool lists them all properly.

No, there's nothing wrong. TIBServerProperties wraps some calls to
the Services API that return information about the configuration of
the server software and/or about a specified database. To get the
info about a database, you have to provide the path information,
since the database server has no inbuilt knowledge of any database
except its own security database.

The server software doesn't have "databases within it". The
*machine* that hosts the server software may also host from 0 to n
databases. As long as the server software is actually running,
client applications can connect to any of those databases.

The administration program you are talking about is probably
IBOConsole. It is not part of the server software, but a third-party
CLIENT program that includes a utility to "register databases". It
is a Windows program, so it provides an interface where you can input
the paths to various databases and IBOConsole will write these paths
to a Registry key that IBOConsole itself maintains (not connected to
the database server at all).

>I would prefer a direct Firebird command (if there is any) or the
>name and fields of a metadaba table (I could not find it anywhere)
>or a function that returns the paths of the databases that are served.

There is no such thing, and the server has no way to detect whether a
file is a database or not, except by attempting to process a client
request to connect to a specified file. Even the Services API wraps
client requests. The server doesn't have some kind of routine that
runs around the filesystem asking files whether they are databases....