Subject Re: [firebird-support] Listing Databases on the Server
Author Christopher Chan
> >I would prefer a direct Firebird command (if there is any) or the
> >name and fields of a metadaba table (I could not find it anywhere)
> >or a function that returns the paths of the databases that are served.
> There is no such thing, and the server has no way to detect whether a
> file is a database or not, except by attempting to process a client
> request to connect to a specified file. Even the Services API wraps
> client requests. The server doesn't have some kind of routine that
> runs around the filesystem asking files whether they are databases....

Oh, so that means that there is no directory structure to a firebird
database save for the security database of the firebird home directory?

How do you inform the server of a firebird database that is located
outside the RootDirectory?