Subject Re: Failing to create Firebird DB file (and Intro)
Author Adam
--- In, Yuliya Shulman
<yuliyashulman@...> wrote:
> Yes, we had the customer check all the permissions.
> It's the same code that works for every other customer
> on every other computer. We use full path when
> creating the database; the executable that creates it
> runs as a service, so we can't use current directory
> anyway. Do you think adding "localhost:" before the
> path may help?

It may help, it uses the TCP/IP protocol instead of local protocol if
you do that. It is a simple thing to try.

> What about NTFS encryption? What do you mean?

If you have encrypted the folder, then only the user that encrypted it
will have access to it, not even LOCALSYSTEM can read/write to it
unless you add '<COMPUTERNAME>$' to the list of users that can
transparently access the file.