Subject Re: Error installing on Win XP Pro
Author Adam
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> > Provide more information:
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> > Where did you download it from?
> > What did you download (zip / installer)?
> > What folder are you installing it to?
> Good point -
> I downloaded the file from
> 32.exe?download, the Sourceforge site that is pointed to by the
> Downloads link on

Firstly, Firebird 2 is what you downloaded (so you clicked the wrong
link, or the link points to the wrong file). If the link is pointing
to the wrong place, then post a message back here explaining which
link on which page is wrong and someone will fix that.

Firebird 2 is in release candidate mode (ie. beta). There may well be
some loose ends in the installation proces. I am sure that the
fb-devel list would be interested in identifying such problems, but if
this is your first go with Firebird, I would recommend starting with
the latest stable (1.5.3) as you may not know enough yet to provide
the feedback fb-devel would expect.

You downloaded it through a link from, which is good
because it means you have an official build rather than someone's
custom build.

> This was the executable. I left all defaults selected during
> installation (superserver, guardian, service, etc). It was installed
> to D:\Firebird.

Were there any prior instances of Firebird on the computer?

I would uninstall (Add/Remove programs) and try to download and
install Firebird 1.5.3. The only difference I can see here is that you
have changed the installation path from default, but that should not
be a problem.

In any case, try 1.5.3 and let us know how you go.