Subject Re: Error on connecting 'localhost'
Author Adam
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<moacirponti@...> wrote:
> Hi friends,
> I've tried everithing here, but nothing works.
> I'm trying to install and run a FB Server 1.5.3, using FlameRobin
> as an interface on a Windows XP Pro system. But it can't connect with
> localhost server.
> The 'fbserver.exe' aren't loading corretly. I've already installed
> as service either as application, but neither works. I also tried to
> install Classic and Super server, but it does not work at all.
> There is some problems that could appear on using FB 1.5.3 on
> Windows XP?

It depends what you mean by "aren't loading correctly". Is there some
error displayed, or is it just inaccessible?

If it loaded, it will be in task manager, fb_server.exe (and depending
on configuration fb_guard.exe) for Superserver or fb_inet_server.exe
for classic server. If it is in task manager, but you can not connect
to it, it is most likely a firewall thing. Have you punched a hole
through the built in firewall for it?

A quick way to test is to (after you confirm the service is actually
running) use telnet.

telnet localhost 3050

If it says something like connection refused by host, you have
Firewall problems.

Assuming this is the standard XP SP2 Firewall, there are a number of
ways to do this, here is a simple way:



Click on exceptions tab
Add Port 3050 TCP.



If rather the telnet just goes to a black screen, it means you can
make a connection, and perhaps your setup is incorrect in your client
application (in this case FlameRobin).

Note that I have seen before one windows machine that was configured
quite strangely with localhost removed from its hosts file, so
localhost actually resolved to a different machine. You may want to
confirm that

ping localhost

actually connects to, if it is some other computer, that is
your problem.