Subject Re: [firebird-support] C/C++ Programming with Firebird
Author Milan Babuskov
Christopher Chan wrote:
>>To setup Firebird embedded on Linux read here:
> I cannot use firebird/include/ibase.h and link against firebird/lib/*.so?

You can. But, linking against .so happens at run-time not at
compile-time. You can work either way when developing. When deploying
the application, you either use full server, or the embedded setup
described in that page.

> I am using qt4 and I have built it against firebird's I
> still need ibpp?

No, you don't. I believe qt4 has it's own database access layer. You
should've told us that you're using qt in the first place, as there are
a lot of ways to access Firebird from C++.

One that page IBPP is only used as an example for complete beginners. If
you already have something that works with full server, than you can
simply use that for embedded as well. You just need to create a
directory structure from files taken from firebird classic package.

Milan Babuskov