Subject Re: [firebird-support] C/C++ Programming with Firebird
Author Christopher Chan
> >>To setup Firebird embedded on Linux read here:
> >>
> >>
> <>
> >
> > I cannot use firebird/include/ibase.h and link against firebird/lib/*.so?
> You can. But, linking against .so happens at run-time not at
> compile-time. You can work either way when developing. When deploying
> the application, you either use full server, or the embedded setup
> described in that page.

Okay, so I need to either package firebird together or provide
instructions for its installation.

> > I am using qt4 and I have built it against firebird's I
> > still need ibpp?
> No, you don't. I believe qt4 has it's own database access layer. You
> should've told us that you're using qt in the first place, as there are
> a lot of ways to access Firebird from C++.

qt4 does have its own database access layer but it does not do everything.

> One that page IBPP is only used as an example for complete beginners. If
> you already have something that works with full server, than you can
> simply use that for embedded as well. You just need to create a
> directory structure from files taken from firebird classic package.

Got it. Thank you Milan.