Subject Re: [firebird-support] System and hardware requirements for FB 1.5
Author Milan Babuskov
Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
> I have a customer running FB + SAMBA on an AMD K6 ~450Mhz (was this the
> name ?) with 64MB RAM serving 7 clients with a 70MB database.

My Internet gateway machine is AMD 5x86 (something between 486 and
PentiumI) at ~100Mhz. It has 16MB of RAM. Beside being gateway it runs a
small PHP web application which uses Firebird 1.0 database. It chokes
when more than 2 users are connected, but since there is mostly just one
it isn't a problem.

Two of my customers have a caffe and run Firebird on PentiumI machines.
It's a stripped down version of Linux, with a custom kernel I compiled.
When system boots up (which is about 20 seconds) it automatically runs
my POS application written in ncurses (terminal app.) The whole
operating system, Firebird and my app. take about 14MB in memory. Since
machine has 32MB, it's quite enough for confortable work. :)

> Well.. I hope those cheaps IDE disks runs for more than 8 years without
> a fail :-)

Never seen one that does.

Milan Babuskov