Subject Re: Changing Object Struct. Lower case to Upper
Author Mike Hickman
Thank you for responding. I should be more specific.

I can design Reports with ReportBuilder in the traditional method but
I cannot use ReportBuilders End User Feature, and that was the main
reason I purchased ReportBuilder

I have corresponded with Tech support who advise that Report writer
strips the quotes. I can change Reports Writers source but that
presents a whole lot of future problems. It would be much easier to
change the Table and Fields stucture to Uppercase. That way I can use
ReportBuilder "out of the box".

This is what Nard advised "
"- The database is wanting the name to be enclosed in quotes and the
Dade classes are coded to treat a name enclosed in quotes as invalid.
Either the Dade classes need to be changed to handle tables names with
quotes or the plug-in, daIBO.pas, has to handle this by stripping off
the quotes when it builds the list of table names, but them re-adding
quotes whenever it submits SQL to the database. I don't which of these
is easier."

So, easier to change the table stucture IMO.

Any idea's

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> wrote:
> >
> > I have a Database created whilst learning Firebird. The product I
> was
> > using to create the metadata defaulted to allow upper and lower
> case.
> > Knowing no better I accepted the default.
> >
> > Now several applications (Delphi 7 ) interface with this database.
> > Most third party programs I am using accommodate mixed case however
> > Reportbuilder assumes Upper case only. I can change the sources of
> > Reportbuilder but this seems a backward step.
> >
> > Anyone suggest a way of changing the database structure from mixed
> > case to Upper ?
> >
> You seem confused on this. If a create table is issued without "
> symbols, then it is case insensitive. Reportbuilder can query in
> either upper, lower or a mixture of case.
> If the field is created with quotes, then you need to specify the
> field exactly in the case it is created with. (Doing that is
> backwards IMO)
> How are the tables declared?
> Adam