Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Changing Object Struct. Lower case to Upper
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:15 PM 28/10/2006, you wrote:
>Thank you for responding. I should be more specific.
>I can design Reports with ReportBuilder in the traditional method but
>I cannot use ReportBuilders End User Feature, and that was the main
>reason I purchased ReportBuilder
>I have corresponded with Tech support who advise that Report writer
>strips the quotes. I can change Reports Writers source but that
>presents a whole lot of future problems. It would be much easier to
>change the Table and Fields stucture to Uppercase. That way I can use
>ReportBuilder "out of the box".
>This is what Nard advised "
>"- The database is wanting the name to be enclosed in quotes and the
>Dade classes are coded to treat a name enclosed in quotes as invalid.
>Either the Dade classes need to be changed to handle tables names with
>quotes or the plug-in, daIBO.pas, has to handle this by stripping off
>the quotes when it builds the list of table names, but them re-adding
>quotes whenever it submits SQL to the database. I don't which of these
>is easier."

Well, he is wrong. The database [sic] engine creates uppercase
identifiers by default, which is what ReportBuilder expects. The
standard *allows* identifiers to be case sensitive (and also to
include illegal characters like spaces and 8-bit ascii characters),
provided these identifiers are defined within double quotes. In
other words, to get case-sensitive identifiers *stored* in the
database, you have to opt in by double-quoting them
everywhere. Dialect 3 of IB 6 and Firebird provide *optional
support* for this standard.

It seems you either chose a bad tool to define your database, or you
configured a not-so-bad tool to apply double quotes
automatically. When you say you "chose" case-sensitive, it was
probably the latter case...

Get out while you can. Extract a script of your database definition,
edit the script to eliminate all the double quotes and recreate your
database. If you have data you want to keep, pump it into the clean database.

>So, easier to change the table stucture IMO.
>Any idea's

Nothing else makes sense. Chalk it up to experience. You'll know
better next time. :-)