Subject Re: Changing Object Struct. Lower case to Upper
Author Adam
--- In, "Mike Hickman" <mikehi@...>
> I have a Database created whilst learning Firebird. The product I
> using to create the metadata defaulted to allow upper and lower
> Knowing no better I accepted the default.
> Now several applications (Delphi 7 ) interface with this database.
> Most third party programs I am using accommodate mixed case however
> Reportbuilder assumes Upper case only. I can change the sources of
> Reportbuilder but this seems a backward step.
> Anyone suggest a way of changing the database structure from mixed
> case to Upper ?

You seem confused on this. If a create table is issued without "
symbols, then it is case insensitive. Reportbuilder can query in
either upper, lower or a mixture of case.

If the field is created with quotes, then you need to specify the
field exactly in the case it is created with. (Doing that is
backwards IMO)

How are the tables declared?