Subject Re: Deploying a Firbird Application
Author Adam
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> Hi All,
> I am new to firebird developmet . Can any one pls clarify my doubts
> 1) How to install an "invisible" Firebird instance together with an
> application (or server application), avoiding as much as possible
> step onto other InterBase/Firebird installations' feet, to server
> well as client machines.

I don't know if you actually want invisible for a client-server
install. There is a silent option for the server but you probably
want to (manually) configure it properly if you are running on custom
ports etc.

The only time I would really look at a 'silent' install is if you
were doing an embedded server where the fact you are running a
database engine is secondary.

> 2)How to perform a network installation of a firebird app ie the
> setup will run on the server and all client machines that need
> will be listed , from which a required clients will be selected .

Er, the same way you remotely install any other application using
whatever means. Firebird is a database engine, not a server
administration tool.

> 3)How to dynamically backup and restore firebird Db

Using the service manager you can do this from your application, or
using the gbak tool.

> 4)How to dynamically shut down server for backups and restore.I
> heard that FB can be backedup and restored without shutting down .
> Will this lead to any DB Corruptions.

You do not need to shutdown the server for backups. The service
manager and gbak are capable of doing hot backups.

Connecting to a database that is currently being restored from a
backup will cause corruption, but that is not exactly a frequent

> 5)how to set up an isolated Firebird environment:
> decide on a TCP port, or finding a free one at installation time.
> how to make Firebird locate its home directory.
> Installing Firebird as an application (and not as a service);
> starting and stopping it from the application server that "embeds
> it".

If all of your client connections come through your application
server, then you could actually use embedded Firebird and bypass all
ports and other installed Firebird/Interbase installs.

> 6)How to centralize every aspect of the client connection
> (credentials, list of databases and connection strings are all
> provided by the application server).

Your application server can take care of that.

> 7)How to use the application server as a Firebird Guardian.

Firebird Guardian simply restarts fbserver if it shuts down
unexpectantly. Not even required if you have any recent version of
Windows which enables you to set failure options.

> 8)The main thing : How to deploy Firebird on Windows in a way that
> doesn't conflict with existing installations of Firebird and
> InterBase.

If you go for an application server / embedded model, you do not need
to worry about it.