Subject Deploying a Firbird Application
Author niegil_firebirddev
Hi All,

I am new to firebird developmet . Can any one pls clarify my doubts

1) How to install an "invisible" Firebird instance together with an
application (or server application), avoiding as much as possible to
step onto other InterBase/Firebird installations' feet, to server as
well as client machines.

2)How to perform a network installation of a firebird app ie the
setup will run on the server and all client machines that need access
will be listed , from which a required clients will be selected .

3)How to dynamically backup and restore firebird Db

4)How to dynamically shut down server for backups and restore.I have
heard that FB can be backedup and restored without shutting down .
Will this lead to any DB Corruptions.

5)how to set up an isolated Firebird environment:
decide on a TCP port, or finding a free one at installation time.
how to make Firebird locate its home directory.
Installing Firebird as an application (and not as a service);
starting and stopping it from the application server that "embeds

6)How to centralize every aspect of the client connection
(credentials, list of databases and connection strings are all
provided by the application server).

7)How to use the application server as a Firebird Guardian.

8)The main thing : How to deploy Firebird on Windows in a way that
doesn't conflict with existing installations of Firebird and