Subject Re: [firebird-support] Can a "bad" stored procedure do low level file damage to an .fdb?
Author Ann W. Harrison
red_october_canada wrote:
> 1) An incorrectly written stored procedure can do low level file
> damage to a Firebird database file, corrupting it, and possibly making
> it unusable

I don't think so. You may be confusing stored procedures and UDF's.

> 2) Triggers, even incorrectly written, cannot do low level file
> damage. Yes, they may scramble your data, however, they will not
> corrupt the database file structure and ruin it.

Triggers and stored procedures operate with most of the same
> Is this deduction true? I have been purposely avoiding using stored
> procedures because of this.

Then I think you're being overly cautious.

> Additionally, using stored procedures, in
> my opinion, is the "business rules" layer of a 3TCS system "leaking"
> into the "data storage" layer.

There you'll get strong arguments on both sides, which I'm not going
to join.