Subject Re: Firebird unexpected shutdown on WIN2003
Author Adam
--- In, "Stephen Davey" <stephen@...>
> Adam,
> Thank you for the advice.
> C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\bin\fbserver.exe: terminated
abnormally (4294967295)

Anything immediately prior to this line that could hint a cause?
Anything in the Windows Event Viewer happenning around the same time
as this entry?

> is the message in the log file. Where should I look for advice on
this ...

Someone else in this list may be able to translate that number into
plain English.

The usual culprits are if someone is using a tool that creates some
lock on the database file preventing the database engine from doing
what it wants to do (like xcopy, winzip, backup, virus scanner), or
UDF functions that are not threadsafe etc.

Make sure the database file itself is excluded from the backup runs
and virus scanning paths.