Subject Can a "bad" stored procedure do low level file damage to an .fdb?
Author red_october_canada
After reading years worth of newsgroup postings, and all the trouble
users can create by incorrectly writing a stored procedure, I have
deduced the following:

1) An incorrectly written stored procedure can do low level file
damage to a Firebird database file, corrupting it, and possibly making
it unusable

2) Triggers, even incorrectly written, cannot do low level file
damage. Yes, they may scramble your data, however, they will not
corrupt the database file structure and ruin it.

Is this deduction true? I have been purposely avoiding using stored
procedures because of this. Additionally, using stored procedures, in
my opinion, is the "business rules" layer of a 3TCS system "leaking"
into the "data storage" layer. SQL is not a particularly smart
language to be writing complex procedures in, so I've been keeping all
the "smarts" in a separate .exe or .dll using a true programming language.

Thanks in advance.