Subject Re: [firebird-support] Deploy FireBird
Author Martijn Tonies

> Soon I have to install an application for five users working on the
> same database. Can somebody please review my steps that I have to
> take (so I won't look like a dumb-ass at the clients place? I will
> test the whole procedure on my own pc before doing it at the client.
> I install the server software (SuperServer) on the machine that will
> act as the databaseserver. During the install there are different
> install options I can choose from an dropdownbox. Which is the best
> in this situation? The whole package (develpment, documentation,
> etc)?

"server install", no need for the rest.

> In the config-file I make an alias for the database.
> Then I put my fdb-file on the right place.
> I change the sysdba password and add a new user that the application
> will use.


> I want the client to connect via an ODBC-connection. What do I
> install on these pc's? If i choose 'client only' in the
> installationprocedure I don't see a Firebird entry in my ODBC
> administrator. I also downloaded an executable (setupodbcjdbc....).
> When I install this I see the entry. Is this the correct way?

Yes, the Firebird (server) install doesn't come with an included ODBC
driver, so you need to install that separately. You always at least need the
Firebird "client only" if you connect to Firebird without using a middleware
application, so you need to run that at each workstation (as well as the

> In the ODBC administrator I make a new profile for my database. In
> the database-location box I will put something like 'server:alias'.
> Put the username/password in the right place.
> Is this the procedure for the database?


> All clients will use the same database-user (they don't know about
> the database-user. They just login into the application with own
> userids).
> Is it required to make an entry in the ODBC administrator, or can it
> be done by using a registry-file?

The ODBC Admin is by far the easiest.

> I'm sorry if this is a beginners question, but...... I'm a beginner
> and loving FireBird so far. I just want to make sure that I'm doing
> things the right way.

Good ;)

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