Subject Deploy FireBird
Author ione1608
Soon I have to install an application for five users working on the
same database. Can somebody please review my steps that I have to
take (so I won't look like a dumb-ass at the clients place? I will
test the whole procedure on my own pc before doing it at the client.

I install the server software (SuperServer) on the machine that will
act as the databaseserver. During the install there are different
install options I can choose from an dropdownbox. Which is the best
in this situation? The whole package (develpment, documentation,

In the config-file I make an alias for the database.

Then I put my fdb-file on the right place.

I change the sysdba password and add a new user that the application
will use.

I want the client to connect via an ODBC-connection. What do I
install on these pc's? If i choose 'client only' in the
installationprocedure I don't see a Firebird entry in my ODBC
administrator. I also downloaded an executable (setupodbcjdbc....).
When I install this I see the entry. Is this the correct way?

In the ODBC administrator I make a new profile for my database. In
the database-location box I will put something like 'server:alias'.
Put the username/password in the right place.

Is this the procedure for the database?

All clients will use the same database-user (they don't know about
the database-user. They just login into the application with own

Is it required to make an entry in the ODBC administrator, or can it
be done by using a registry-file?

I'm sorry if this is a beginners question, but...... I'm a beginner
and loving FireBird so far. I just want to make sure that I'm doing
things the right way.