Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: aliases and absolute file paths
Author Woody
From: "Adam" <s3057043@...>
> > A> localhost:c:\myfb.fdb
> >
> > how do you manage network paths, if you do?
> You can't so I don't.
> If you were talking unc paths, you could resolve the database
> hostname, but there would be no way to identify the path of the file
> as seen by the database server from the client.
> On a side note, hopefully no-one is silly enough to leave their
> database files exposed over a network share?

Actually, this isn't a hard thing to do at all. My own backup utility
program converts mapped paths to the server and local path name. Although
this sounds "dangerous", in my experience, most administrators have access
to all network directories for ease of maintainence, etc. When doing remote
backup/restore operations, it's much easier to pick files from the open file
dialog instead of typing in local pathnames when using a workstation to
perform the actions. Most "normal" users don't have/need access to those
directories but then again, most users won't be doing backup/restores

Woody (TMW)