Subject aliases and absolute file paths
Author Adam
Hello Group,

What is the danger of connecting to the same database via alias and
via file path?


Our main databases are all aliased, but we have some tier level
databases which are not (because they are in a path relative to the
tier binary).

To simplify the database operations a bit, I have made a tool that
integrates with the right click in Windows explorer to perform backups
and restores. (Someone had made an attempt at this using pure registry
settings however it did not work very well on paths with spaces).

In a nutshell,

Right Clicking on c:\myfb.fdb -> Backup generates a connection string of


There is a chance that in aliases.conf there is the line

MyDB = c:\myfb.fdb

and other users are accessing localhost:MyDB.

Will this result in problems with either the database or the backup file?