Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: aliases and absolute file paths
Author Stefan Heymann
> On a side note, hopefully no-one is silly enough to leave their
> database files exposed over a network share?

In my experience, it is difficult to explain to some administrators
why these files don't need to be exposed and why actually it's a bad
idea. For others, it's just handy to have everything concerning one
application (client executables *and* the database) in one directory.

Firebird isn't very well known out there so it's kind of Security by
Obscurity. I always try to convince my customers to put the database
file in an unexposed folder and to use aliases. Most of the time, it
works, but sometimes what you wrote is just a sweet dream ;-)

Another thing is to talk them into excluding the .fdb file from the
nightly tape backup process. AFAIK I have been completely unsuccessful
with that one so far ...



Stefan Heymann