Subject Re: Embedded Database from server share.
Author Adam
> The problem is that I cannot setup a server in the work environment
to host
> the firebird server. My PC is not always going to be on. So
installing the
> server there would not be stable enough. It just seem to me that
> should work on any drive type. Why does it matter if its a network

If the "server" is not on, how on earth are you accessing the share on
the server?

if T: is mapped to \\MyServer\tdrive

and you then install the Firebird Service on "MyServer", then you will
have just as much availability either way. If I shutdown MyServer,
then yes the Firebird Service will be closed, but your T drive will
hardly work now either.

Firebird is not like Access / Paradox / other desktop database. A
little secret if you haven't yet discovered, Embedded is nothing more
than Superserver with the TCP connection bits pulled out compiled into
a single DLL.

This allows you to run Firebird in several environments as a single
program environment. This is useful in n-tier environments, or
sticking the application + database on a USB key.