Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded Database from server share.
Author S C
Using the embedded server with the config file. I cannot seem to make it
I have the dB, fbembed.dll, and the firebird.conf with only this
RemoteFileOpenAbility = 0 all in the same dir. It still will not connect. Am
I missing something?

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>Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Embedded Database from server share.
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>S C wrote:
> > The problem is that I cannot setup a server in the work environment to
> > the firebird server. My PC is not always going to be on. So installing
> > server there would not be stable enough. It just seem to me that
> > should work on any drive type. Why does it matter if its a network
>Because if you happen to open the same database from two different
>embedded engines on two different PC's, they'll trash the database.
>And, as far as I know, the second PC has no reliable way of knowing
>that the file has been opened elsewhere. If we had a reliable way
>of identifying conflicts, we would allow connections to files on
>shared drives. Without that, there's too much risk. However, if
>you really like living on the edge, here's the parameter - and
>warning - from the configuration file.
># ----------------------------
># Remove protection against opening databases on NFS mounted volumes
># ***WARNING*** ***WARNING*** ***WARNING*** ***WARNING***
># This option removes an important safety feature of Firebird and can
># cause irrecoverable database corruption. Do not use this option unless
># you understand the risks and are prepared to accept the loss of the
># contents of your database.
># Unless this configuration option is changed from 0 to 1, Firebird can
># open a database only if the database is stored on a drive physically
># attached to the local computer � the computer running that copy of
># Firebird. Requests for connections to databases stored on NFS mounted
># drives are redirected to a Firebird server running on the computer that
># "owns" the disk.
># This restriction prevents two different copies of Firebird from opening
># the same database without coordinating their activities. Uncoordinated
># access by multiple copies of Firebird will corrupt a database. On a local
># system, the system-level file locking prevents uncoordinated access to
># the database file.
># NFS does not provide a reliable way to detect multiple users of a file on
># an NFS mounted disk. If a second copy of Firebird connects to a
>database on
># an NFS mounted disk, it will corrupt the database.
># Under some circumstances, running a Firebird server on the computer that
># owns NFS mounted volumes is inconvenient or impossible. Applications that
># use the "embedded" variant of Firebird and never share access to a
># can use this option to permit direct access to databases on NFS mounted
># volumes.
># Type: boolean
>#RemoteFileOpenAbility = 0
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