Subject CASE operator supported in Firebird SQL?
Author dancooperstock
I'm reading the doc on converting from MS SQL and it says that the
CASE operator (e.g. case columnname when 1 then "foo" else "bar" end)
isn't supported, and gives what seems to me to be an extremely clumsy
work-around, requiring two stored procs, once of which seems to use a

However, in another posting on this list, I see someone referring to
the other syntax of CASE (case when condition then "foo" else "bar"

Is it correct that the 2nd CASE syntax is supported, and it's just
the first that isn't? That's no big deal, since obviously you can
rewrite the first one as:

case when columnname = 1 then "foo" else "bar" end

If this is true, surely that doc on conversion from MS SQL should be
updated to reflect this much simpler solution.

If neither form of CASE is supported (and there is no equivalent
operator such as an IF operator), it will be a really big deal to
convert my app from Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere, since I use CASE
a lot, such as in the following:

case when firstname = "" then lastname else lastname + ", " +
firstname end