Subject RE: [firebird-support] Is Firebird Rock Solid?
>> garbage collection causes us some problems--extended and
>> periods when the database works very hard;

> However, garbage collection happens continuously as a normal part of
> database processing, and can cause performance problems, especially
> if the database includes indexes on volatile tables that have large
> numbers (>32,000) instances of a single key value.

Are there any plans for a feature in FB 2.0 to allow GC to be deferred,
for example until the middle of the night?

We run FB 1.5.2 Classic on a multi-CPU Windows 2003 machine. We can run
large queries and procedures during the day without appearing to affect
the performance of the database for other users, as we'd expect of
Classic on a multi-CPU machine :-) But the period of GC *after* these
queries/procedures doesn't seem to behave as nicely, and we think it
affects database performance for all users. So effectively we cannot run
anything large during the day after all :-(

These are early observations, and we will do more testing to be certain.