Subject Tuning - How to store database to the RAM
Author Ing. Martin Straka
Hallo Friends,

I need to speed up my firebird answers to sql select questions. I thing,
that the best way is to store full database to the memory.
The size of my database is 800 MB, amount of server memory is 1.5 GB so it
should work I think...
I use the 1.5 Release Superserver (connected about 20 clients) on windows
2003 server. I tryed some changes in firebird.conf, no result.

Sooner I used 1.0 Release Classic Server, the database was intitiately fully
loaded to the memory and answers to some complicated sql questions was much
quicker (now 10 minutes, previously 30 seconds). Now it don't works, I don'n
know why (even if i use the same firebird.conf from previous version).
Does anybody knows? Some solutions of my problem?

Thanks much