Subject RE: [firebird-support] Tuning - How to store database to the RAM
Author Alan McDonald
> Hallo Friends,
> I need to speed up my firebird answers to sql select questions. I thing,
> that the best way is to store full database to the memory.
> The size of my database is 800 MB, amount of server memory is 1.5 GB so it
> should work I think...
> I use the 1.5 Release Superserver (connected about 20 clients) on windows
> 2003 server. I tryed some changes in firebird.conf, no result.
> Sooner I used 1.0 Release Classic Server, the database was
> intitiately fully
> loaded to the memory and answers to some complicated sql
> questions was much
> quicker (now 10 minutes, previously 30 seconds). Now it don't
> works, I don'n
> know why (even if i use the same firebird.conf from previous version).
> Does anybody knows? Some solutions of my problem?
> Thanks much
> Martin

I think you need to examine your SQL, indexes, and plans a little more.
Maybe even your table design. If my queries are slow - it's my fault not the